HANG STRING LIGHTS (or other stuff).

Expert Team

The Yardhaus team delivers exceptional outdoor environments.

Professional Products

Crown Anchors are a Fast and Simple Way to Hang String Lights.

Fast Services

We deliver the products as soon you put the order.

Our patent pending design grips and holds string lights with the perfect tension for professional results without wires, clips or zip-ties.

Crown Anchors are durable, perfect for year-round use and with-stand wind, rain, sun, snow and ice.

Simple to Install

Anchors can be spaced up to 15’ apart and mounted with a single screw.

Modern Sophisticated Design

Achieve a clean, professional installation without clips, wires or zip-ties.

Leave Up Year Round

Engineered to withstand extreme conditions.

Less Time on The Laddder

A single box of Crown Anchors suitable for up to 60’ of string lights, with just 4 trips up and down the ladder.

Span Open Spaces

YARDHAUS’ patent pending design grips and holds lights tight, letting you install lights overhead for the perfect look.
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